Q: What is FoldnGo Products?

A: FoldnGo Products is an outdoor products manufacturer.


Q: Where is FoldnGo Products located?

A: FoldnGo Products is located in Lincoln, NE.


Q: What is the PaknGo Ultra­Portable Toilet?

A: The PaknGo Ultra­Portable Toilet is a portable toilet that can be carried anywhere, used anywhere and stores away into the smallest areas. It has been designed to the standard average height of a residential toilet to be as comfortable as home.


Q: How much will the PaknGo hold?

A: The PaknGo has a capacity of 300 lbs.


Q: What is the PaknGo Ultra­Portable Toilets dimensions?

A: The PaknGo, when unfolded, is 14 inches tall, with a standard residential sized toilet seat. The weight of the PaknGo is less than 4lbs. When folded for storage, the PaknGo is 14 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 3 inches thick. Small enough to store under the seat of a car. Small enough to fit in a standard child book bag, with room to spare.


Q: How long does the PaknGo take to assemble?

A: On average, the PaknGo should less than 25 seconds to assemble. The PaknGo has been designed to be as simple as possible for assembly and disassembly.


Q: Does the PaknGo meet the Bureau of Land Managment “Human Waste Disposal” standards?

A: Yes! The PaknGo Ultra­Portable toilet meets the standards for human waste disposal for National Parks, also known as “Pack it in, pack it out.”


Q: Is the PaknGo disposable?

A: No. The PaknGo Ultra­Portable Toilet is not a single use device. The PaknGo, with proper care is reusable for many years.


Q: Why the delay in release?

A: We are doing our best to make sure that the PaknGo is affordable for everyone. We also do not want to sell a product that has flaws. We are making sure the PaknGo is perfect from the start.

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